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I am a clay artist working in reduction stoneware. Over the last two years my making has been inspired by working with the kilns at Rufford Country Park, where I am now vice chair of Rufford Woodfiring Society. I love the curl of the flame around the pots, the rhythm of the cycle of oxidation and reduction inside the kiln, and especially the animated power of the kiln when it’s in full flow. I use simple glazes in my own work, mostly using woodash, clay and feldspar. Using skills I learnt at Rufford, I completed building my own 50 cuft wood kiln recently, shown firing in the picture above.

I do some low fired raku work, mainly jewellery. My interest in education and firing techniques makes this an ideal medium to make firing an integral part of the making process. Alongside my wood kiln, I use my electric, propane, and raku kilns to fire work made in my community and environmental art work.

My work is available through exhibitions, and I also provide workshops in all aspects of clay work to local schools, community and youth groups.


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