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I am an enthusiastic and experienced potter, specialising in environmental community art and with an excellent technical knowledge of making and firing techniques.

I work in woodfired stoneware, My making is inspired by the relentless rhythmic movement of the fire, the curl of the flame around the pots, and the rhythm of firing with wood. Using this inspiration I facilitate workshops in a wide variety of community and educational settings. After working with the Rufford woodfiring society for the last two years, I completed building my own kiln at Blackwell Hall Farm last autumn.

I have a dynamic approach to my workshops which are flexible and responsive to the needs of the students. My teaching and communication skills enable me to motivate a wide range of abilities, experiences and age groups. My workshops are empowering, and allow students to access their hidden creativity and to find expression in their work with clay.


  • Kiln building: Blackwell Hall Farm Wood Kiln
  • Wood firing: Vice Chair, Rufford Woodfiring Society
  • Salt glazing: Gas salt kiln at Ash Lane Studios, Deepcar
  • Raku: Experience with ceramic fibre, brick and woodfired raku kilns
  • Environmental workshops with English Nature and the Peak District National Park Authority
  • 13 years teaching experience as an adult education tutor. Classes including students with a variety of special needs
  • Workshops with school and pre school age children.

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