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Accessibility Policy

This page outlines the accessibility measures of this website and how to use them, if you think that we should be providing any additional measure then please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster at (insert email here)

Access keys

This site makes use of access keys to facilitate keyboard navigation. The way you activate access keys is different depending on which browser and operating system you are using for, an explanation how to use access keys in your browser please select it from the list below. If you are unsure then you will almost definitely want Internet Explorer on Windows.



The specific access keys for this site are as follows:


This accessibility policy 0
Homepage 1
Contact page 2
Sitemap 3


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Text Size Changer

This website incorporates a text size changer so that you can make the text larger and thus easier to read, this does however require javascript and isn't available if javascript is disabled. If you haven't got javascript installed you can most probably still change the text size with you browser for an explanation of how to so this please select your browser from the list below:

Standards Compliance

This website is written in html 4.1 strict and uses css for layout and decorative purposes, everything validates 100% in the W3C valuators. It also complies with section 508 and with the WCAG 1.0 AA checkpoints. You can check this yourself by using the following links.

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Browser specific explanations on how to use access keys

Internet Explorer - Win

Hold down Shift & Alt + the access key

This will only select the link you will then need to press enter to follow it.

Netscape, Mozilla Suite, Firefox - Win

Hold down Shift & Alt + the access key

This will open the page the access key points to.

Opera - Win

Hold down Shift & Esc + the access key

Again this will open the page the access key points to.


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Safari, Omniweb, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Suite, Firefox - Mac

Hold down the CTRL key + the access key

Changing the text size in your browser

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on View menu
  2. Click on Text Size (sub menu opens to the right)
  3. Select Larger or Largest to increase the size to your preference.
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Mozilla and Firefox

  • Hold down CTRL and press the + sign on the numeric keypad. Each press of the plus sign key will increase the text size. This can be increased to any size.
  • To decrease the size, hold down the CTRL key and press the – key on the numeric keypad.
  • Press CTRL and 0 (zero) together to reset the text size to normal. Alternatively select from the View menu and select text Size.


  1. Click on View menu
  2. Click on Increase Font
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Opera has its own size drop down menu, which usually appears next to or near the address box, and has an eye next to it, with a figure in percent. Default is 100%, so select a higher number to enlarge the page (note that this also increases the size of images as well as the text, unlike the other browsers).


  1. Open your Safari Web Browser
  2. Select the 'View' menu at the top of your screen
  3. From the options which appear, select 'Make Text Bigger'
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Supported Browsers

We aim to make the content of this website both accessible and usable in all web browsers. The design however relies on CSS and thus isn't available in browsers that don't support CSS. Javascript is also required for the text size changer.

This website has been tested and verified to work fully in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explore 5+
  • Mozilla Suite 1.4+
  • Opera 7+
  • Netscape 6+
  • Mozilla Firefox 0.8+

All other Browsers should either see un-styled html or a the full design with one or two minor errors (the content will be 100% usable in both), exceptions to this are listed below:

  • Konqueror
  • Internet Explorer mac

If you have one of the browsers listed above then you should upgrade your browser I would recommend either Mozilla Firefox or Opera both of which are standards compliant secure browsers built for browsing today's internet.

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