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My Work

At present I work as a community artist, facilitating workshops in many settings, including environmental workshops with English Nature, out in the beautiful hills and valleys of the peak district. I enjoy passing on my knowledge of clay and inspiring others to gain some of the pleasure I have had from being creative with clay. Workshops range from "drop in" environmental pond installations, intended to raise awareness of local endangered species, to jewellery making raku workshops.

The current focus of my personal work is woodfiring, inspired over the last two years by my work with the woodfiring society at Rufford where I have recently become Vice chairman. I am developing my own work, thrown domestic ware, in my recently completed wood kiln at Blackwell. This new wood kiln, based on a Joe Finch design, has been supported by many local potters and a grant from The New Environmental Economy Grant Scheme.

My own making is inspired by the relentless rhythmic movement of the fire, the curl of the flame around the pots, and the rhythm of firing with wood. I use a momentum wheel, altering the pots whilst still soft, and allowing the flames to decorate the ware. My pots become a canvas, allowing the flame to enhance, letting the pot record the exciting, powerful path of the flame through the kiln.


  1. Fast Build, Fast Fire (diary of building a wood kiln)
  2. Raku Kiln Building
  3. Rocket Firing


Take a look at some of my own ceramic work recent aditions can be seen below.


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